The Almost-Annual Matt Armbruster Memorial


Drag Racing & Serving Breakfast on Radio 1190's Hangover Brunch

Radio 1190

Saturday Morning, June 8, 2002, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, Boulder, CO

UPDATE: Complete Success!!!  Check out the photos here!

If you haven't heard of Radio 1190 yet, it's time you move back to the Front Range.  Radio 1190 is the non-commercial, student run, all independent label radio station based on the CU Boulder campus.  Give this station 5 minutes of your time (1190 AM), and I guarantee you'll be hooked.  Music you've never heard before, and probably the most refreshing thing you'll notice, they won't treat you like an idiot.  No one will refer to you as "dude" or try to pass off the same 8 songs all week long as "new music".  Try Radio 1190, The Revolution.

wpe6.jpg (2735 bytes)One of the more popular shows on Radio 1190 is Saturday morning's Hangover Brunch.  They know what you did Friday night.  They were probably there.   From 10am-1pm, DJ's Steph and Milkman Dan guide you gently through your musical education of the top 30 indie albums while having breakfast and discussing recipes with their guests.

On Saturday morning, June 8th, Captain Obvious has been invited to show up, make breakfast for the illustrious hosts, and take on all contenders in the Big Wheel Drag Races.  If you've got that perfect hangover go-getter recipe and want to join him in studio slapping it all together and feeding it to the DJ's, and we'll coordinate.

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