it's back

and it wants to go
for a ride...


The Brand New, Re-Engineered
Original BIG WHEEL


Front Wheel 16" Plastic (as big as it gets!)
Rear Wheels

Blow Molded plastic for great power slides


Monocoque, Clamshell Clad Plastic (rigid!)


Adjustable, "6-Pack" seating arrangement

Weight 10 lbs (13.3 lbs with box)
Assembly Out of the box and under your butt in 15 minutes. All you need is a hammer and screwdriver of any variety.
Packaging You've got to check out that carrying handle on the top of the box. Nice touch!
Design Heritage This baby was modeled after the original MARX Big Wheel that started it all in 1968. Re-engineered and design enhanced. Finally, after 35 years and countless incompetent knock-offs later, we're back to the original, stout, thunderous design!

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